What is PAT Testing ?

Portable appliance testing is the process of periodically testing your electrical appliances, this helps to ensures they are effectively maintained and safe for use within the appropriate environment according to the manufacturer specifications.

PAT Testing is an essential aspect of a company’s health & safety policy to ensure that staff aren’t harmed by any electrical equipment within a business premises.

PAT Testing should be performed regularly to protect employees, customers and yourself, against any accidents and liability within the workplace. PAT Testing is carried out by a business in accordance with guidelines stated in the IEE Code of Practice.

Meaning of “Pat Testing”

Portable Appliance Testing is abbreviated to ‘PAT’. The phrase ‘PAT Testing’ is in fact a tautology in the same way that some people say ‘LCD Display’.
However, the phrase is commonly used in the industry even though most people realise it is incorrect.
The correct term for the whole process is ‘In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment’.