Electrical repairs we carry out for Free

NVPC engineers find many different faults whilst performing the inspection and testing procedure, we are more than happy to repair as many of these as possible for you – at no extra charge

We will repair the following minor faults

For safe operation the correct fuse must be used within each appliance, we will check and replace any that are not the correct rated fuse for the product Plugs are often found damaged, we will replace a broken of cracked plug free of charge The most common fault found are loose cable connections at the plug, we will repair these free of charge NVPC engineers are all fully qualified to City & Guilds standards ensuring you of the best possible testing and repair service, we insist our engineers carry out the procedures to the highest standards. If faults are found that are beyond our repair service then the engineer will label the appliance appropriately and bring it to your attention with a recommendation of the course of action you should take with the appliance.